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IRONSTRIKE is a 4-player co-op roguelike featuring physics-based swordplay, intricate gestural spellcasting, and dexterous archery. Wield a sword, bow & arrow, or magic as you fight to rescue the gods of a vibrant fantasy world.

CO-OP MULTIPLAYER - Assemble a party of up to 4 heroes to fight as a team, or venture forth solo to seize destiny on your own. IMMERSIVE COMBAT - Feel the true momentum of your weapons thanks to a uniquely advanced physics system. This is not thoughtless hack-and-slash combat, but instead a skillful dance of parry and riposte. WEAVE MAGIC - Master the intricate gestures of your magic spells and use them to conjure fire, blast lightning, curse enemies, and bless your friends. CUSTOMIZE YOUR BUILD - Choose your weapon and skill upgrades in each run. Imbue your weapons with powerful enchantments, bolster your armor and mobility, or grant yourself new magical abilities. Become an unstoppable armored juggernaut, a nimble duelist, a mage, an assassin, or any kind of hero you can imagine. VIVID FANTASY - Instead of dungeon walls or cramped arenas, experience vast landscapes full of crystalline trees, majestic views, and flowing magic. Travel across the planes, from the golden sunlight of Lucros Vale to the ethereal mist of Centinel Wood. Befriend the gods, restore their lost power, and help them rejuvenate their world.

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  • Category: Paid Meta Quest Games & Apps
  • Platform: Meta Quest 2
  • Developer: E McNeill
  • Downloads: 49
  • Last Update: February 24, 2024
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