Shutters for SOMA Connect Hub For Vision Pro

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Shutters makes it easy to see & control all of your blinds in one place. At a glance you can see whether they are open/closed and the current battery percentage.

  • The official SOMA Smart Shades app can be slow to use for checking the battery status for multiple blinds or even just opening/closing them all. Shutters enables you to see the battery status of all blinds on one screen and offers controls for opening/closing each blind individually. There is even the option to open/close all blinds at once too.

Shutters contains these great features:


View all of your blinds from one screen. You'll be able to check the open percentage & battery percentage and, fully open/close each blind. There is even the option to open/close all blinds from the toolbar.


Selecting a blind will take you to the device details screen which will show you useful information about each blind such as MAC address, battery level or light level from the solar panels. On this screen you can even set the percentage that you'd like the blinds open if you don't want them fully open/closed.


Get notified when your devices are running out of battery with support for notifications. Notifications are fully customisable from the Settings screen.


Add the Low Batteries & Batteries widgets to see the status of your devices on your Home or Lock Screen.


Get device battery levels and see which devices are running low on charge with Siri Shortcuts.


Throughout the app there are multiple ways to open or close your blinds with fine grain controls to allow you to get the exact position you'd like your blinds to be.


Get this app across multiple Apple platforms with a single purchase.

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Please note that a SOMA Connect hub (Raspberry Pi or USB) is required for this app to function correctly. It must have been setup already in the SOMA Smart Shades app.

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