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— VAIL is in Early Access, and may have bugs and performance issues — VAIL is a multiplayer shooter with realistic tactile gunplay and social interactions only possible in VR. Experience Unparalleled Combat.

ALWAYS EVOLVING MODES AND MAPS: ● Team up in Artifact for our take on Search and Destroy ● Take control of the Hardpoint and defend it from enemies ● Capture the Orb and return it safely in Capture the Flag ● Experience low-gravity chaos with only snipers and knives in ScoutzKnivez ● Duel in 1v1 variations of all the maps ● Warm-up in classic Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All EXPERIENCE IMMERSIVE TACTILE GUNPLAY: Weapons collide with the environment, scopes bend and distort light, recoil realistically reacts to movement, and more. Throw magazines to teammates, control recoil with the environment, bounce grenades around corners, customize reticle shape and color, and realistically interact with guns to reload and change the fire rate. FIGHT FOR HUMANITY'S LEGACY: On a blighted Earth, the claim to the human legacy is diverging. Many have chosen to move to the colonies orbiting Earth, while those left behind swore to rebuild civilization under REYAB Corporation’s protection. The Colonists believe in a future in the cosmos, but they must return to Earth to retrieve sensitive data from the Artifact nodes protected by the REYAB who fight to maintain power over the populace. As the war between these factions evolves, humanity’s future remains uncertain…

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  • Category: Paid Applab Games
  • Platform: Meta Quest 2
  • Developer: AEXLAB
  • Downloads: 53
  • Last Update: February 24, 2024
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