ZyberVR Gorilla Tag Long Arms

ZyberVR Gorilla Tag Long Arms Fitness Dual Sticks for Quest 2

August 31, 2023 20:21

Christine at ZyberVR was kind enough to send me the ZyberVR Gorilla Tag Long Arms Fitness Dual Sticks for Quest 2 available on the ZyberVR store. At first I was skeptical and concerned that the attachments might be flimsy and not fit perfectly to the controllers. I was surprised to discover that quality is impressive and the functionality of the attachments are a necessity for any locomotion based vr game. I tested these attachments on the Gorilla Tag clone Monkeys Realm. The difference between using the standard controllers and the controllers with the ZyberVR attachments were vast. The game is almost unplayable with just the standard controllers. This has been my experience with Gorilla Tag as well and led me to stop playing Gorilla Tag altogether. So whether you play Gorilla Tag or one of the many clones, the ZyberVR attachments are essential to a fluid game experience and worth the extremely low price. Christine only sent me one middle handle but I would suggest that for a more complete experience you splurge for the 2 middle handle option. The complete package retails for $34.99.

The VRAR Appstore was not paid for this product review.

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