Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem

PRE-ORDER NOW TO RECEIVE THE EXCLUSIVE RARE RECLUSE CAR! This stunning silver car, available only with pre-order, has blistering speed and elite handling. Paired with other modification parts that enhance acceleration, this car’s speed and grip is unparalleled. Don’t miss having it in your collection. Race Micro Machines vehicles around tracks and bring impossible courses, stunts, and speed to life! Build tracks and blaze through at max speed, perform stunts, crash elaborate demolition sets, and much more! Features: Track Building: Build incredible tracks using an intuitive system to manipulate, switch, and place pieces. Build loop-de-loops, and stretches suspended in mid-air to achieve speeds no toy car has ever reached. Missions: Build and race in campaign mode, where different objectives require picking the right car and course to get the job done! Some objectives require a fast car and a track built for speed, while others demand a monster truck that can rack up destruction points. Car Modification: Unlock and collect vehicles, skins, and car parts for faster racing and bigger stunts. Modify car stats when you change out parts to adjust speed, acceleration, stunts , grip, and more! Mixed Reality: Build tracks anywhere! Race over sofas, on top of tables, and around sleepy pets. Survive the gauntlet mode and climb the weekly leaderboard! MICRO MACHINES © 2023 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

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